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Please beta test this ebook for business owners

What follows began as a collection of a few links to online resources that might help some friends. Then as I did that I recalled more and more resources. This has become an initial draft of an ebook. For a very long time I have planned to make short videos of each such resources with keyword tags.

There is more I…


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What makes an effective Innovative Learning Environment (ILE)? (cross-blogged from

The term Modern Learning Environment (MLE) has been replaced in NZ during 2015 by the OECD's term Innovative Learning Environment (ILE). Much of the original discussion was about the space and the furniture within this space, but increasingly it is recognised that it is what happens inside the space that matters+Michaela Pinkerton's May 2014 #TeachMeetNZ presentation summed it up…


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Why choose Chromebooks for students in Aotearoa / New Zealand? (cross-blogged from

Just recently I was asked this question again, and it was interesting for me to reflect on it from a teacher's point of view, in addition to my ideas as facilitator. This is the time of the year where many schools are thinking about their devices requirements for the next year. Here are my thoughts:

Firstly it is important to know what your vision is: What is the school vision, and how does this translate to the vision inside your learning…


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Some great ideas for working in a team - virtually!

This podcast is from the CORE Education podcast series (and you can access the full post, and transcript here).

The podcast provides a real sense of what it's like to work as a member of a virtual team, as well as providing some top tips around how to thrive in a team that isn't working face-to-face.

OK - now into the post and podcast itself:…


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My ultimate Biohack: Relieve your stress with our silent day

If you are on the verge of a burnout, or seriously are doubting what’s going wrong in your pursuit of happiness then it’s best to first listen to my TEDx Talk I gave at TEDx Rotterdam.…


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Three top tips for designing a Moodle course

Moodle has been used for over 10 years, and yet 'What comprises a good Moodle course'? is still a hot topic.

Some top tips from Yong Liu include:

1) Mobile learning is key, and gamification is built in as much as possible (although it can be…


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A Comprehensive Educational Technology Resource Guide

First of all, I appreciate the invitation and warm welcome from Hazel Owen. My name is Jessica Carrell. I'm very glad to be part of the community, also super excited to connect with like-minded educators from other areas of the world.

I love teaching, and I'm enthusiastic about technology. Back in November, I spent quite some time researching and curating a list of educational technology resources for teachers. The work ended up with a blog post in 10 different…


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Resources for mothers during the holiday season - please forward

Based on my observations it seems that the role and responsibilities of a mother are very many. It seems that it is tough enough to be a mother during most of the year. But then during the holidays there are yet more tasks piled on for juggling and completing with a smile.


I genuinely care deeply about all mothers. That includes mothers of infants, toddlers, regular kids, teens and adult children as well as…


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Vocational Education and Training and the future digital economy

I recently heard from Claire Mason (Digital Society Initiative Leader, Adaptive Social and Economic Sciences Program, CSIRO), who advised me that the report - The VET Era - is now available. I found many of the points made about the design of online learning affirming and…


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Would you enjoy freelancing: Some pros and cons

Shared originally by the marvellous Jane Nicholls - the folks at Bright Side have shared some great cartoon images comparing freelancing positions with or full-time office employment. The invite us to: "If you have ever wondered about the differences, take a look at these beautiful illustrations…


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