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BLENNZ learning library launched: Stories & resources for children & young people who are blind, deafblind or have low vision

Yesterday I spent some time exploring the BLENNZ Learning Library. The description on the home page explains, "Here you will find a collection of stories about children and young people…

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Consider this Documentary about Education

Many insights about education reform issues in public schools.

Dynamic documentarian Davis Guggenheim weaves together stories about students, families, educators and reformers to shed light on the failing public school system and its consequences for the future of the United States.




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Consider this Documentary about Teaching

I watched this on Netflix.

It examined the many facets of teaching.

This provided many insights, stats and testimonials. 

It got to the core of the matters.

It is USA based but surely is similar to other countries. 


Profiling four extraordinary teachers from diverse parts of the country, this documentary feature examines the struggles of an underpaid profession.…


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Here is the start of Star Wars and all related movies, products, websites, costumes, etc

This document is the
It is not a fancy webpage but WOW look at profits.
Costs were 11 million and the profits were 147 million.
There was nothing much like Star Wars before it hit the big screens.
It set a new high standard for science fiction.
Note that George Lucas had a very hard time…

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I have begun this online course named Optimal Living 101 and maybe you want to also

Brian Johnson has studied more than 100 books and made a summary video of each one. From that learning he has put together an online set of lessons called Optimal Living 101.

He offered a scholarship that I applied for and was accepted.

I have just begun to listen to the lessons.

I had enjoyed his book summaries years ago.


Please pray for me to listen carefully to all these lessons and make suitable applications.

This can transform my life and…


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GET READY Textbooks will Become Techbooks Sooner than Later

Not long ago the state of Florida legislature said they were moving to digital  textbooks.

Others have joined the parade including many states, Apple, Obama and the Secretary of Education.

The tsunami size paradigm shift is mounting FAST.

Not many years from now digital text books will be the norm.

The classroom scene is not just a small sector of society.

That training of the next generation will ripple through colleges and into corporations in the…


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Report and recommendations: Māori design and tertiary education

This research project led by Otago Polytechnic’s Caroline McCaw and supported by Ako Aotearoa, introduces 4 strategies for incorporating Te Ao Māori and Māori design principles into the teaching programmes of…


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