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"We don't know what we don't know" - So what can we do about it?

Cross-posted from e-Ponderings

In my work I often hear the following...

We don't know what we don't know

Seems fair enough, right?

I always thought so, but recently (after hearing it a lot) I've really be pondering this statement and am starting to wonder if it could, sometimes, just be an excuse.…


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Chromebooks for 6 & 7 year olds (cross-blogged from

Our school is well equipped with digital devices, all of us believe strongly that they are part of teaching our students for their future. I feel very lucky to be offered the opportunity to have 1:1 devices for all my students, funded by the school. But as I have always said, it's not about the devices, it's not about me - it's about how can these devices be utilised in the best way to transform student learning?…

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Extending wireless out to the community for students: Pt England School

This article was written by Stu McGregor, an ICT consultant for primary and intermediate schools, who writes for INTERFACE Magazine. The original post appeared August 2011 (© INTERFACE Magazine)

The Manaiakalani Cluster  is leading the way in a bold approach to giving students access to ICT when school finishes for the day, writes Stu…


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The Changing Role of the Teacher: 5 Ways to Adapt

It’s time to redefine what it means to teach. Students already learn much differently than they did a decade ago, but educators have been slow to adapt, causing a rift between instructor and pupil that manifests itself in sliding test scores, retention rates, and educational quality in general. With the advent of more sophisticated learning analytics and assistive technologies, we’ll begin to move forward, but we need to make some fundamental changes in the way…


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5 Habits of Creative Teachers

In early December, seven teachers in New York were recognised by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation for their creative approaches to instruction. One teacher helps students at University Heights High School in the Bronx conduct scientific investigations into the intersection of science and social justice, urging them to tackle challenges in their own communities such as air quality and the possible link between obesity rates and fast food chains. Another teacher has…


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This post originally appeared in the CORE Education blog space as Literacy should wear a superhero cape in July 2016.

Laundry, Libraries and Literacy. Which is the odd one out?

The answer may depend on where in the world you are reading this.

Khayelitsha is an informal township 30km from Cape Town on…


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Behind My Kneecaps

Mostly I sleep on my side with my legs tucked up.
When I wake up, I start by stretching my legs while still horizontal.

There is an enjoyable sensation behind my kneecaps.
Lately I have wondered what kind of sound that might make.

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Cell Phone Shape

I have a grey beard.

That reflects my age of 63 years.

When I was a child all the phones were black.

It was a big deal when colors were introduced.

It was a big deal when the phone could mount on the wall.


Every phone had a hefty handle and a curve.…


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Job opportunity in a forward-thinking, collaborative IT company: Cyma

Cyma Ltd is looking for a new team member! This is a permanent position as a senior architect in New Zealand's best architecture consulting company. You will have the opportunity to work with some of our great clients as well as help us bring on board new ones, and the work will range from…


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Minecraft and Literacy - midpoint review (cross-blogged from

You would be hard pushed to find any parent or teacher who have not heard of Minecraft. An open-world sandbox game, it was first released in November 2011 and has since developed into the second best-selling video game (behind Tetris). According to Wikipedia, as of June this year over 106 million copies have been sold, across a variety of platforms. About 20 or so of these have been purchased…

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Advances in technology and connectivity mean more people are working from home - would it suit you?

Rachel Roberts shared this article from the Taranaki Daily News (cross-posted from here), which features one of the Ethos Community members, …


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Nearly 78% of teachers in NZ support bring your own device to class...

Paul O'Leary dropped me a line recently, with the results of a recently conducted survey of 280 people in the education sector on the use of ICT in schools across New Zealand (a joint venture…

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Engaging reluctant learners

This was a session facilitated by Clarrie Yates a while back. I live blogged as we went along, but Blogger had a wee hiccup - or maybe something else happened! Needless to say, I lost an entire hour's blogging! Ah well, when it works it works well it's fabulous, when it doesn't it makes you want to tear your hair out and test the aerodynamics of your computer.

So, this will be a rather…


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Many Talking Heads

Our TV screens are often populated with talking heads.

In public places, like airports and restaurants, CNN is almost always on.


During the political season, 1 talking head starts the ball rolling.

That person speaks to a big group or at press conference.


Then several…


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Litter Recalls Love

There is a memorial for Dallas Police officers across from City Hall.

More than a month ago 5 police officers were shot.


There was a huge outpouring of support for the police by the public.

This support was demonstrated in heaps of flowers left at police headquarters.

Some flowers were placed at this…


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How do you facilitate synchronous sessions? Please share your effective practices...

Karen Melhuish made the following post, with the following request to share your wisdom and your experiences:

"You may have seen a number of online workshops - (sometimes…


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Remembering the Promise of Pansies

Here is Dallas Texas it has been hot and dry this August.

The crape myrtles and hibiscus blooms are coloring the landscape.


I recall the pansies that were so bold and crazy to bloom first.

When it was still cold and sometimes with snow on the ground, they appeared.

They burst on the scene while hugging the…


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Time time time

A post from the archives...but well worth a reread as I suspect many people will resonate with Leigh's frustrations! (Hazel)

This site is the home of a multitude of excellent resources, which I haven't had the time to peruse lately.  As my sabbatical comes closer, I am relishing the thought of having enough of that precious commodity (if there is such a thing?) to look at many of the videos here.

As for me, we struggle with the realities of clogged internet lines at…


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Grass Bounces Back

The summer sun in Texas can bear down relentlessly.

When there is high heat and lack of rain, then the grass turns brown.

During August the lawns and roadsides become a yellowish brown.


But I have lived here long enough to know this is only temporary.

After a few months then the temperatures will fall and…


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Opening up the world with open reading

Richard Elliott has shared some real peaches over the years in his eLearning Watchfor. A couple that I have been particularly taken with are The Open Library and The Open Academic Textbook Catalogue.

The Open Library…


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