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Social Media in Learning

Firstly, you would need to identify what Social Media is and what you would use it for? 

The use of Social Media in schools has always been at the forefront of debates and negative connotations. As society has grown, you have to be accepting  of the skills required to uplift student knowledge and student skill base. In Primary schools, there…


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Code of Ethics

According to Educational Council of Aotearoa New Zealand (2004) the overall purposes of the Code of Ethics for Registered Teachers is to:

• clarify the ethics of the profession,

• inspire the quality of behaviour which reflects the honour and dignity of the profession,

• encourage and emphasise those positive attributes of professional conduct that characterise strong and effective teaching,

• enable members of the profession to appraise and reflect on their ethical…


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Applied and Professional Ethics

Applied Ethics according to Collste, (2012) is;

“the art or science of reflecting on moral dilemmas and moral problems in different social contexts.” (Collste, 2012, p. 18).

He goes on to show us that applied ethics requires a multiplicity of methods to achieve a conclusion to the question under inquiry. These include:

  • Knowledge of all relevant views relating to the question both philosophical and considered judgment by…

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Opening up the world of learning: Making connections

Me, us, you - over time we make connections, grow and expand out thinking. Over time we come back together in groups to connect with people we know. The collaborations that develop from those connections can be incredibly powerful.

Heather Eccles,…


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Best Teachers are Lifelong Learners

Here is an easy way to continue to learn.

Just watch documentaries and biographies online.

It is a free and convenient way to feed your mind.

There are no boring lectures, tedious textbooks or detailed footnotes.

You can pick and choose what to watch and when.


You can watch documentaries related to what you teach or something different.

We live in a complex and ever changing culture and economy.

The news reports are…


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Ethical Dilemma

Having worked with Special Needs Students for over 20 years one of the ethical dilemmas I have had to work through is their need for contact after they leave school. They wanted to continue to share their lives with me. Initially I resisted any contact at all wanting to keep my professional and private life separate. I then realised that some contact was beneficial for both us especially the first two years after they left school as I needed to see if my Transition Curriculum had some impact…


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Legal contexts and digital identities

Joosten's (2009) survey tells us that over 65% of students felt they needed good and frequent communication from their educators, 75% wanted communication with their classmates and 80% said they needed to feel connected to learn. These days, many students do not check e-mails on a regular basis so teachers are using social media such as twitter, texting and Facebook to connect with students beyond the classroom. Young people visit these and other social networking services from home and…


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Contemporary Issues or Trends in New Zealand or Internationally

According to Core Education's 2015 Ten Trends, Global Connectedness fits the analogy of being a global village. The 'village' concept of education is dominant within our community already. 

In an urban city school in the middle of Auckland, Global connectedness should not be an issue, but it is. Primarily, Global Connectedness should encompass the quickly growing…


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The long slow journey to Modern Learning Practices

Modern learning pedagogy is likely to be a long slow journey, with a number of mistakes made along the way, and it's not always going to be easy.

Headspace is key, advises Vicki Hagenaars. You need to have your head in that space; to have been…


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Social Media and Professional Development

The  Virtual Professional Learning and Development (VPLD) programme is funded and supported by the Ministry of Education and facilitated by Core Education as part of the Te Toi Tupu Consortium Professional Learning and Development programme. It is based around an online Community of Practice which provides professional learning that is situated in a teacher's or Principal’s practice within their own school context. The VPLD provides complementary opportunities for collaboration and a strong…


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Do schools need to teach students how to think?

It was refreshing to listen to what Guy Claxton had to say in the video embedded below (shared by Derek Wenmoth and cross-posted in full below). His pragmatic stance that, while students need to achieve in assessment, they also need to develop and use metacognitive and social skills (key competencies), made a lot of sense. I did have to laugh at his anecdote of a maths teacher grumbling that not only did he have to teach his students maths, he now had to teach them how to think....…


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Inequality in society the biggest obstacle to education reform?

Through a rather circuitous route of recommendations (podcast) and links, I located the post below. The points that Susan Ohanian highlights were pretty much what I was also hoping to consider, so I have posted her comments (…


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Social media in learning and teaching and professional development.

Why do I use Social Media?

The above diagram summaries the key features that benefit myself and my students as I become more connected with other professionals from across disciplines, when accessing and using social networks. Blogging was the first time I had to explain to a wide audience of…


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