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June 2016 Blog Posts (20)

Changing World (cross-blogged from

"The future is unknown but not unimaginable" is a saying I have liked for a long time. Like many other future focussed educators I am trying to prepare the young people in my charge for an unknown future. There are different theories out there about what will be required to be successful in the future.

Our NZC's vision says:

Our vision is for young people:…

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Transformative learning in times of crisis: Possible or not?

The Caledonian Hall in Kilmore Street, Christc... Image via…


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When rich and poor are too far apart there are real effects on health, lifespan, trust...and education

I listened to this presentation from the point of view of an educationalist working in a system that is currently broken. The education system in general is being blamed for not addressing (or even is seen as creating) many of the ills of societies and communities in a range of countries around the world.

However, what Richard Wilkinson presents tends…


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Passion Learning for Teachers (cross-blogged from

Having attended a number of PLD events over the last few weeks, I have been pondering my own 'passions'. While I thoroughly enjoy my current role teaching 'little people', I have found that one of my passions still endures: Supporting other educators to transform their practise. This starts with sharing information about PLD events with others, encouraging others to attend events I think they would find useful, with trying to make myself available for others who would like…


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Managing summative assessment of student learning in online programmes

If you have online, interactive courses, how do you manage summative assessment of student learning? Lynette Steel describes two courses - Diploma in Conveyancing, and the Graduate Certificate in NZ Immigration Advice. They are both based in Moodle, supported by Adobe Connect sessions. Students are based in New Zealand as well as in other parts of the world.…


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What has gender got to do with it? Reflections on coaching and mentoring

This is an extract from a blog that really caught my attention!

“I realize that I am more inclined to coach women. I have recently become aware that, although I have two sons and a great husband, all of whom I have close and cherished relationships with, I am not in a man’s life or a man’s body or brain. I…

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Confessions of an online facilitator

What is it like to be an online facilitator? Sarah Stewart describes her experiences of facilitating  'open courses' (run in Wiki Educator), from a personal viewpoint.

The wiki that…


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The curriculum is dead; long live learning

I came across this thought-provoking podcast today. Randy Bass, the presenter, starts from the position that "Our concept of learning has expanded at a rate far outpacing our notion of teaching, an issue…


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Android, Tablets and the cloud

This originally appeared on the blogspot pages for Peter Breach.

Unfortunately the site is blocked in Kazakhstan so I cannot upload pages.  If you want to follow everything please use the link to, OR BETTER STILL, focus on the linked…


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Want some guidance around writing learning outcomes? Try the learning outcomes authoring tool

Many thanks to Conor Bolton who recently shared these online learning outcome authoring tools. The first is the ‘Co-generative Toolkit’ - CegentT the development of which was…

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Here is what makes noise, sound and music work.

It is from the basic to advanced lessons in a hurry.
This can be interesting for anyone but especially those that are into music, math and science.
Here is the website of Vi Hart with many more videos. Most of them relate to math in fascinating ways. These can be adapted for teachers…

Added by John S. Oliver on June 19, 2016 at 13:00 — 1 Comment

Benchmark yourself using the Moobric, a tool to help you reflect on your online teaching

What does effective online facilitation look like? And how do you know? 

Here's introducing the online rubric: Moobric ( This tool has has been developed to help educators using Moodle reflect on their online facilitation / teaching, and to use it as a…


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Students working as teacher aides and technical support

Sylivia Martinez encourages learners from the age of 10 to 18 years old to peer-assess, teach and so on. The students can act as teacher aides as well - who can, for example, help set up a class of 20 students around a media project. She has found that when teachers see the students helping out, that is when they become convinced that…


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In the clouds: Tools - and the importance of getting involved

A while ago I participated in a hands-on workshop. John Pearce has a PBWorks resource site that looks at various cloud solutions. We started by having a discussion around what cloud computing comprises and what the benefits are. The terms and conditions…


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Making the changes we know are right in the world

Most of today’s leaders are expected to deal effectively with people ́s motivation and be able to inspire them to their best performance. An essential part of this is fostering the courage to act, develop new ideas, take risks, and “make the changes that we know in our hearts are essential and right in the world” (Robertson, 2015, p. 15), and a strong coaching relationship is one way…


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Technology transforms learning and teaching?

There is an ongoing conversation about the promise of digital technologies and whether they lead to increased teacher effectiveness, and improved student achievement.

Chris Jager, who worked in the Middle East with education institutions for a number of years, has found teachers can be defensive and…


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Attainment vs Attitudes

This was posted on my educational blog on 9th June-…

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Study Offers Institutions Guidance for Continued Growth of Online Learning

Even though the report is from 2009, and focuses on tertiary learning and teaching in the States, it is well worth a read no matter as many of the findings still hold true.

Highlights from the two-volume report, Online Learning as a Strategic Asset (links to download below), which contains the results of 231 interviews conducted with administrators, faculty, and…


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Reading Mentors - raising literacy, building leadership

Something lovely to share - our 2016 reading mentors programme - senior students reading to low literacy Year 9 students,  3 mornings a week for 12 weeks instead of form time.   

WWe've been running reading mentors for over 10 years now. Have data for each year, student voice from Year 9s and Year 12s, and it's all run on donated $ from community groups... pays for high interest age suitable books and food from our school canteen. The food is key at the start then the…


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