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April 2016 Blog Posts (20)

Consider Meet Edgar if you seek to improve automation of your social marketing

Meet Edgar is a way to automate your social media marketing better than Hoot Suite or Buffer

You can load up 1000 or more in your library and schedule them well in advance plus to repeat.

By systematically tweeting and using Facebook them more will come to this community as you share the most popular blog posts and videos. 


interview of founder…


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Some tools to have under your belt that will help protect your online privacy

Always an issue under discussion, privacy online and how concerned you need to be, is the focus of many a CIO, IT coordinator, teacher, and parent. No matter who you are, of what your views on sharing are, it is wise to keep up to speed with thinking about privacy especially if you are a regular user of social media.

The awesome team at…


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From dreamers to critics: Making sure everyone has a voice

I sometimes work with coachees who will come up with a strategy, and then immediately add the tag “that won’t work because…”. This focus tends to result in some great ideas and strategies never getting off the ground as a result. 

The Disney Strategy was developed by the Neuro Linguistic Programme (NLP) practitioner, Robert Dilts. Dilts based the strategy on the approach Walt Disney…


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What are the most important issues for students and parents when it comes to satisfaction with Higher Eduction?

What are the most important issues for students and parents when it comes to satisfaction with Higher Eduction (HE)? This infographic (based on US data) highlights important factors, as well as providing some guidelines for improving the overall college experience. I was particularly impressed that often neglected or unheard voice in education...are included - and…


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What Remains?

I read books and websites.

I have been doing this for decades.

I desire to learn and understand.

I do my best to pay attention.

Yet most of what I have read is forgotten soon after that.

I must have retained some.

When I read a book again that I marked up I recall parts.

But most is fuzzy or gone from my memory.


How can this inform me as a writer?

I spend much time editing while making many revisions.

That seemed…


Added by John S. Oliver on April 25, 2016 at 0:30 — 2 Comments

Flipping: Leigh shares some experiences from the coal face, as well as 'top tips'

If you have an interest in Flipped classrooms - either as something you are already doing, are trialling, or are thinking about doing, then …


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Lehrer's Kinder, Pfarrer's Vieh, gedeihen selten oder nie! (cross-blogged from

This is an old German saying, roughly translates to:

A teacher's children and a priest's cattle will rarely turn out well if ever.

Does being an educator make a difference to raising our own children, does being a parent make a difference to our work as educators, and how?

Let's imagine you are a wonderful teacher BC (= before children). Your first child arrives and as for all parents your world gets turned upside down by the needs of this little person. If you…


Added by Monika Kern on April 23, 2016 at 11:30 — 2 Comments

The ten worst things you are doing with your smart phone

Originally shared by Diana Ayling (on this site), this blog post offers and insight into, and some strategies…


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What the student does is more important in determining what is learned than what the teacher does...

Another peach from Diana Ayling (shared originally on this site),

If students are to…


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EducationWeek New Zealand: Arts Special Report



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Learning and development in a commercial context - making the connection

Over the last 3 years there has been more change in the commercial and government context than we have seen in the last 15 years. Phil Garing (Synapsys) has been working across sectors and has explored the different contexts, and so is in a great place to draw the commonalities across them. 

The emergence of the Chief Learning Officer (CLO) in the executive team is now an…


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Collaborative use of ePortfolios

If we take an ePortfolio as a concept rather than a tool or piece of software, where the learner is in control of the process. Layer on top of this collaboration as a way of people working together to bring a range of skills, background and understandings to solve a particular problem. And then add an aspect of assessment of a range of evidence selected by the learners - and this is what…


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Supporting young learners to learn in an online environment

The Virtual Learning Network primary (VLNP) started in 2005, and the key was to make sure that students who are in remote, rural schools in New Zealand have access to a wide range of subjects. The teacher comes on for an hour-long session per week, and then the students work in the WeLearn space (which is half-way between Facebook and Moodle).

The VLNP is a charitable trust, with an annually elected governance group and a national coordinator. The eTeachers involved in the programmes…


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Taking on new roles in online education

In the US there are 1,600 independent non-profit colleges, as well as 800 private universities. In Australia there are 169 higher education providers, and in New Zealand there are 25 private institutions. To help bolster falling on-campus students many are offering online courses

However, the competition is fierce. There are enrolment struggles in the face of continuing expenses and…


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Education 3.0? Has education changed?

Distance education hasn't changed much especially if you consider that books were the first distance education (people could go away to another space to read them). Correspondence courses and other distance option were still didactic instruction. Education was all about marking things and passing or not passing students, rather than activating learning. We have come a long…


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SCORM in Moodle – is it worth it?

I recently worked on a project requiring some SCORM-based assessment activities to be updated within a Moodle course (to reflect changes in the law).  The original developer was gone, as were the original files that produced the SCORM export.  In this case the SCORM assessment was not doing anything that could not have been handled in a Moodle quiz.

The site owner and administrator had neither the time, inclination or expertise to learn to use an interactive…


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How great goal-setting can help turn your dreams into reality

Coaching has a wide range of definitions and approaches. One of the most prevalent understandings is that coaching comprises “a collaborative relationship formed between a coach and the coachee for the purpose of attaining professional or personal development outcomes which are valued by the coachee” (Spence & Grant, 2007, p. 185).



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On a scale of 1 to 10 - where do you place yourself

Most people will be familiar with the 1-10 scale … from surveys and polls for example, where the focus is abstract things such as opinions, beliefs and emotions rather than concrete things like the number of things we do and how many hours we take to do them. In other words, the 1-10 scale enables a person to make a subjective response, in a way that reflects how they think and…


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