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Learning and Teaching in the 21st Century

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Co-operative learning made easy: A practical guide to working with tertiary student groups

From Ako Aotearoa, a practical guide has been developed to support learning practitioners who would like to incorporate more group work with their learners. It helps answer questions such as: "How can I help my students get more out of group work?" and "My students don't like group work much. How can I support them to get the most learning out of working together?"

The overview from the Ako Aotearoa site reads:…


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10 Tips For Aspiring online community facilitators...

Are you looking for guidelines to help you facilitate an online learning community? Are you keen to start an online project group at your workplace?

You might find the following 10 tips from Vadim Lavrusik useful (with many thanks to Diana Ayling for steering me in the…


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Coaching competencies: It's in the balance

While under discussion between coaching theorists and practitioners, there are some core competencies that most will agree contribute to being an effective coach. These core competencies are the ‘things a coach does’ before, during and after a coaching session, and comprise coaching knowledge, skills, attitude and behaviour (Southern Institute of Technology,…


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Something practical: 22 Google form templates

While the bigger questions around the meaning of education are engaging and 100% necessary, sometimes it is great to have someone create something really practical and immediately usable. Med Kharbach (of Educational Technology and Mobile Learning) has shared some neat resources for Google Forms - in fact pretty much…


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Reward and engagement in an online statistics class

In her paper Using reward contingencies in online activities to facilitate engagement in a statistics class, Xochitl de la Piedad Garcia suggest that engagement is the time,…


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Taking charge of your own learning

The wonderful Diana Ayling wrote this blog post a while back, but I feel it is worth a re-visit as the topic of continuous professional development and learning...and capturing that still one that is highly relevant. Please enjoy - Hazel :)

“The stepladder is gone, and there is not even an implied structure of an industry’s rope ladder.  It’s more like vines, and you bring your own machete.  You don’t know what you’ll be doing next or whether you’ll…


Added by Diana Ayling on February 16, 2016 at 13:00 — 4 Comments

Explore this Gold Mind for Life Long Learners

Teachers need to be continually learning inside and outside their field.

That is easy to say and challenging to do in these pressure cooker times.

One way to solve that problem is to get engaged with educational sources that resonated deeply.

Find the right fit of content, method, format, etc.

Then you will be internally motivated to make that a high priority.

Let us get realistic.

Much will not get completed this day, week, month and…


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To be or not to be...student engagement?

The 3 Rs of engagement are relevance, rigour, and relationships (Dennis Littky, 2004 The student sense of wonder and inquiry are key to engagement, although they also need depth, and to be…

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Sustainability, creativity, innovation and inclusion

1986 Faroe postage stamp celebrating Amnesty's...
1986 Faroe postage stamp…

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The Google Suite in Action in the Classroom

The Google Suite in Action in School




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International Science Opportunities (and funding) for Year 12 and 13 students

There are plenty of International Science Opportunities that the Royal Society of New Zealand is offering in 2016 for talented and passionate science  Year 12 and 13 students. Please pass this on to any students you think will be ideal candidates.

Applications close at 5pm on 23 March 2016.


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Vygotsky lives: A Knowledge Bank from Imaginative Minds

I remember reading Lev Vygotsky for the first time. It wasn't so much as a light bulb moment for me, it was more like someone had opened a door and showed me a whole new landscape. For example, "Vygotsky believed that all cognitive development happens through social learning, and thus is inextricable from one’s social-cultural context" (…


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Devices off, please!

Devices off, please.

Cross blogged from Hynessight
A couple of years ago, I was talking to a large group of teachers about using digital devices for learning in their classes.  The session was for the whole staff and…

Added by Leigh Hynes on February 5, 2016 at 17:23 — 2 Comments

A fan of backchannels? Want your own? Twijector might be what you are looking for

I've been meaning to share this resource for ages (and thanks to Jedd Bartlett for sharing this way back).

You may be a fan of the backchannel at conferences, meetings, sessions that you are facilitating etc...or you may not be sure what a backchannel is. Educause (…


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