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Who uses podcasts?


Podcasting is used by businesses, such as media companies, and by private individuals and groups. Increasingly podcasting is used at all levels of education.

Using podcasting in education

Primary and secondary education

A Guardian article "Why every school should be podcasting" describes how schools are using podcasting for: newsletters; mock interviews (e.g. with historical figures); actual interviews; audio diaries; story telling; plays; news; and reviews. The educational benefits it describes include: stimulates creative learning and new ways of communication; encourages publication with a purpose; provides a vast potential audience; enables feedback; develops confidence and skills (speaking, writing, listening, ICT, teamwork, self-discipline, ability to give and receive feedback).


Other pragmatic benefits include:

  • encouraging personalised learning;
  • connecting the school to parents and the community at large;
  • supporting students with special needs;
  • providing valuable activities in any curriculum area;
  • catering to different learning styles.


Podcasting encourages in students a strong sense of engagement in and ownership of their work. This video (Podcasting in the classroom) covers some basics of podcasting and its application in the classroom. And this video covers an initiative at Weston Point Community Primary School, in Cheshire, UK where "podcasting has been introduced into classroom practice across several subjects, helping boost attainment levels".


The following are some examples of podcasts made by students and teachers.

Tertiary education

The value of using podcasts as a means of 'any time, anywhere' information transmission is increasingly studied and evaluated in tertiary education settings.


From the findings of a University of Canterbury, NZ research project staff have developed useful guidelines for podcast production and use in tertiary education.



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