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Steps for creating an ePortfolio

The four main steps to create an ePortfolio are:

  1. Collect
  2. Select
  3. Reflect
  4. Project
Sub-aspects to these four steps are:
  • Identify goals / appraisal focii
  • Identify purpose(s)
  • Collect and organise
  • Inspect to self-assess
  • Inject/Eject personality
  • Reflect metacognitively
  • Perfect & evaluate
        (Burke, Fogarty & Belgrade, 1994)

What you include in your view is up to you, however you will need to consider carefully what is relevant depending on the purpose (the why?) of your ePortfolio.


You are likely to find it useful to sketch out the main content areas you would like to display in your ePortfolio on paper first. So, please take a piece of paper and decide what you want to include in your ePortfolio. Things to choose from might include:

  • A profile
  • A photo of yourself
  • Information about your education, career, achievements, publications, etc
  • CV (aka resume)
  • Examples of projects, ideas, research that you would like to share (and the type of media you would like to share them in - files, images, videos, audio etc)
  • Blog posts (work(s) in progress and ideas that you would like feedback on
  • Posts from existing blogs (either your own or an influential colleague, for example)

Adapted from Coach Carole (with thanks)

In Foliospaces (, which is built in Mahara, the 'view' is the framework for your ePortfolio. In view you can decide who you would like to share items in your ePortfolio with, to create a meaningful, professional record of you development, achievements, and currency.
Concept map by Mira and Fotis, Goldsmiths Learning Enhancement Unit (used with permission)


Creating a basic ePortfolio in Foliospaces.

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Create a profile that contains the following things:

  • A two-column layout
  • Your 'most recent blog entries'
  • A text box that begins 'I enjoy learning most when...'
  • A text box that summarises your current teaching role (subjects, year levels etc.)
  • A text box with some information about yourself
  • A photo of something related to an interest of yours./li>
Watch this video for a step-by-step guide: Login, profile and settings

Click here to watch in You Tube full size

If you prefer a text guide (as well as more videos) please click here


To familiarise yourself with the social networking side of Mahara, complete the following:

  • Search for someone you know
  • Send a friend request if you find someone you know
  • Search for a group
  • Join a group if you see one that interests you

Use this guide to help you access and join groups.


Set up a blog and make a post.

  • Go into your blogs area (My portfolio > My Blogs)
  • Add a new blog called 'Feedback and reflections'. Give it a description and some tags (see video)
  • Make it your blog viewable by your 'friends' (see video)
  • Click "New post". Type in a title, and answers to a question(s) below
  • Click "Save post".
  1. Do you think that you will develop an ePortfolio? Why? Why not?
  2. What will you take away from completing these activities?
  3. What's next?
  4. Any other comments?
Watch this video for a step-by-step guide: Blogging

Create a blog (no sound)
Click this link to access the video
Create a blog post and make your blog viewable by others (set permissions to friends)


If you are are extra keen, try these video guides. (Please note that some of the functionality shown in these videos is not available in Foliospaces.):

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Adapted from (with thanks)

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