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Virtual Professional Development: Bringing the Learning to You

I hope you enjoyed the Global conference session "Bringing the learning to you: Virtual Professional Development Communities".

If you would like to access the Prezi that accompanied the session, please click HERE. There is also a short video you could access that gives a brief overview of the VPD initiative (To see this video full size go to:

You can email me directly at:

Please leave any questions you might have in the forum below, and feel free to start conversations. I will also answer any questions from the chat that were not answered during the session.

Many thanks for you time and interest. Hazel

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Hazel, thank you for this video.

 I am back on line and have started at Te Kura correspondence school. I loved the way you found that the participants of the VLN felt they would have been like headless chocks without common feelings, goals and relationships built into your teaching. The face to face sessions are great but interesting to hear the informal ning sites are really useful for cementing relationships within the community. I really like the way there are resources for NZ schools and MoE guidelines. As a NZ teacher it is really important that what we teach aligns to the curriculum. I will try and upload a photo during the week of an excellent model of this for the 2011 that has been prepared at Te Kura.

Really enjoyed your video about how teachers can share and access the information from the VLN. I want to say to others - "Don't be scared to use the technology, post questions and post ideas that have worked well in your own classrooms for others to share"The VLN culture is where professional development is headed.

Really looking forward to reading all the wonderful posts that will be created this year! Also need to know more about using adobe connect. Wow it all looks so exciting.


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