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To be a good teacher, one learns by being an observer. Then on that dreaded day, you become the novice teacher with someone observing every move you make. You get lots of critical feedback and with experience you eventually become a good teacher.

The same principle applies when we start using technologies. We "play" with the applications and try them out in a small way in our classes. Soon other teachers come to you for assistance thinking you must be the expert. You gladly pretend to be one. Well, I am playing with broadcasting technology at the moment.

Three weeks ago I started hosting my own Radio program called English for Migrants on Planet FM 104.6. Now I am offering you the opportunity to come and be one of my on-air guests. Are you game?

Once or twice a month, I invite English/ESOL teachers, migrants and students to come on my "Get Real" program. I give them my questions in advance so that they can prepare their answers. The "Get Real" lesson helps migrant listeners to learn from real world experts and ordinary migrants how to improve their English.

So if you would like to be my on-air guest please contact me on The radio station is based in Mt Albert in the Unitec Campus. If you are out of Auckland, I can interview you on the phone.

How would this benefit you? Well, that the discussion topic here.

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What a super idea, Adon. I have just shared your invitation via Twitter, G+, and with a couple of other communities of which I'm a member.

You ask how this might benefit folks who appear as guests on your show...a great question. For me, I feel that interviews can really help catalyse my thinking and ideas. It's a way of helping me move from inside my head, to putting things into words...hopefully in a way that communicates (relatively) well! :-)

For me, listening to a range of guests can be a way of considering a range of opinions and ideas, and also insights into different experiences...especially when the speakers are from a variety of backgrounds. I suspect that, in turn, these experiences will 'speak' to different people in different ways, offering support, advice, and ideas around how to address different challenges.

Very much looking forward to listening in to a range of voices :-)


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