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The video below is an interesting example of a presentation capture that has been shared with the public. While watching it a couple of questions arose for me:

  1. How much did the audience actually go away with?
  2. Could there have been a more effective way of presenting this information that would have engaged the audience more actively?
I'm not going to answer my own questions - but have included a video below that perhaps offers an alternative, and you could also check out this interactive activity from here where they have a lot of others to choose from ;-)!
  • What are your reactions and thoughts?
  • Is there be a place for this type of 'presentation capture' in education?
  • What are the possible benefits or drawbacks?
  • Does the other video embedded here (below the first) offer any additional benefits?
  • How about the interactive, self-paced task?

Would love to read your thoughts on this.


The description of the video on the site reads:

"Join Frank Szoka of UCSF School of Pharmacy to find out about the scientific basis for the delivery of drugs to selected sites in the body, why this field of knowledge is vital to optimizing clinical outcomes, and what to expect in the future."


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