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This forum has been set up to answer questions you may have around Ethos Consulting NZ in particular, and ICT Enhanced Learning and Teaching in general. If you see a question you would like to contribute an answer or further the answer already given, you are actively encouraged to do so.

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Hazel, i have had a wonderful time this morning reading about inquiry based teaching. You certainly have some excellent sites.

I liked the following quote by Haury, D., (1993) especially noting that for students to be involved in inquiry learning they need to be curious and or provoking wonder -

"... inquiry-oriented teaching engages students in investigations to satisfy curiosities, with curiosities being satisfied when individuals have constructed mental frameworks that adequately explain their experiences. One implication is that inquiry-oriented teaching begins or at least involves stimulating curiosity or provoking wonder. There is no authentic investigation or meaningful learning if there is no inquiring mind seeking an answer, solution, explanation, or decision."

In reality as teachers we can only provide opportunities for our students to do this some of the time. Others' thoughts on this?


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