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Came across this youtube clip today. Really like the fact that they are researching blended learning and its results. Interesting that they suggest that satisfaction in a course does indeed increase the level of achievement.


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Paul Keown has just shared this interesting article from Education Week around blended learning in K12 in the US. It's well worth reading the comments at the end as well. Would be good to hear your thoughts and comments....

Just to whet your whistle, the first couple of paragraphs read as follows:

"Studies in Colorado and Minnesota have suggested that full-time online students are struggling to match the achievement levels of their peers in brick-and-mortar schools. Articles in The New York Times questioned not only the academic results for students in virtual schools, but also the propriety of business practices surrounding the use of public dollars for such programs.

Meanwhile, two left-leaning magazines, The Nation and Mother Jones, contended last month that policies pushed by former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush in the name of digital opportunities for students have the ulterior motive of funneling money to big technology companies."

Thanks for sharing the article Paul. It does seem, as you suggest, that much of the problem comes from the misconception that eLearning is a resource saver...and it does suggest that there may also be design and facilitation issues around some of the programmes.

Virtual ed is certainly not a panacea to all issues being faced in education, but rather it requires alternative approaches. The upside are the affordances, the downside is when these affordances are ignored, or where the learners' needs (cognitive, affective and connative) are not taken into consideration.


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