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Continuing our series of anatomical study aids, we’re excited to introduce, a site full of exciting games to help students of all levels study the human body and its systems.

Created by a science and physical education teacher in Australia, Ben Crossett, Anatomy Arcade offers games of all sorts, including word games, matching games, and the site’s “signature” games, like Whack-a-Bone and Poke-a-Muscle. With the range of game styles presented, it’s easy for any student to find a great study asset that is perfect for their learning style.

To learn more, visit our blog.

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Thanks for sharing this site Liz! I was totally into the 'whack-a-bone' game! Awesome. The other activities look really useful too...for pretty much all ages.

Found this video about the background behind the game, which gives a little bit of insight into how, from small things, great things can grow!


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